Thursday, October 26, 2006

London Lites Lame Listings

I was reading the listings in the London Lite on the tube on the way home last night (A London Free Paper mostly concerned with celeb gossip) and noticed a great example of lazy music journalism.
"Ray Lamontagne whose single Trouble echoes Nick Drakes softly spoken style"

Say what?

Last time I listened to Trouble the guy sounded like a love weary Grizzly Adams bellowing Otis Reading songs with a gob full of gravel where as Drake on the other hand sounds like a painfully shy posh boy singing rather eloquently in a very English accent.
I think what they actually meant was:

"I don't really know anything about Ray Lamontagne other than the fact that he doesn't do interviews and he is very shy and the most famous singer/songwriter I can think of who was also quite shy is Nick Drake"

Tomorrow I'm expecting something along the lines of:
"If you enjoyed the Streets latest record why not listen to UB40 who are also from Birmingham"

Still what did I expect for free....

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