Thursday, January 11, 2007

What is the point of Organic food?

I bought some apples yesterday.

Normaly I don't bother with buying organic stuff because it is well pricy, but they only had organic apples and no English ones available either so I think "It's ok because it's a bit of a treat cos they probably taste nicer if they have been grown naturally like ones of the apple tree in the garden at my old house".
So I get home and decide to have an apple and it's woody and tasteless (Imagine eating a raw potato) so I think to myself "well at least I'm doing my bit for the environment" and then I notice that the apple has come from America so any benefit that could have been gained from not spraying pesticides has been ruined by burning stacks of hydrocarbons shipping it over from the US.

Then I see this sugesting there is no proof that it is any better for you:

And finally I hear an interview on the radio where a scientist was pointing out that if all farming was organic we wouldn't be able to feed the worlds population due to the lower yeild so organic food is not an atainable goal it's just a two tier eletist system where the rich eat better and push food prices up while the poor have to eat pesticide covered crap.

So I'm starting to think what's the point of buying organic?

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