Sunday, December 16, 2007

Xubuntu for EEE PC

I run Ubuntu on my laptop and desktop and though the KDE based distro that came with my EEE PC does have some plus points I do miss that buntu goodness.
I haven't had a bash at installing it myself yet as most attempts I have read about seem to have fallen foul of the non standard WiFi and Screen.
Rather conveniently eeeuser have just released eeeXubuntu which includes some custom tweaks to the Xfce based Ubuntu variant to help it run on the EEE.
Xubuntu is a good choice for the EEE as it is considerably less intensive on system resources than GNOME or KDE based distros.
I'm not going to bite the bullet and install it quite yet, but I'll certainly be keeping tabs on progress with it.
I'm hoping Hardy Heron comes with EEE support built in but until then this looks like the best bet for buntu fanboys with an EEE.

EDIT: It would appear that eeeXubuntu is the work of one oasisbob rather than an eeeuser comunity project.


Bur[N]er said...

eeeuser didn't release it. One person did. I don't think there's an official affiliation.

Bur[N]er said...

I love eeeXubuntu and use it myself, but one point to your article. I don't think eeeXubuntu was created by "eeeuser" unless you mean the proverbial "eeeuser". It was created by someone who had to prepare for finals and goes by "oasisbob" on the eeeuser forum.

Nick said...

Hi Burner

My mistake.
I had wrongly assumed it was one of the community projects that they mention on the website.
How are you getting on with eeeXubuntu?
I'm interested to know what the boot time is like.

Bur[N]er said...

boot time between 30-40 seconds. It's a little slower than the default OS, but a worthy tradeoff. for a little bit of info. I plan to keep blogging about my experiences as well.

If you were curious, exaile has fixed the size problem with the latest bzr patch. :) I went to irc and it took all of 2 minutes for the programmer of exaile to change the minimum height.

Nick said...

I could put up with 30 seconds.

I'll keep an eye on your blog for updates.

Anonymous said...

"less intensive on system resources than GNU or KDE based distros."

Pretty sure you meant GNOME, not GNU.

Nick said...


I'm going to have to start proof reading now people are actually reading my blog.

baandoptager said...

Hey. I did the full Eeexubuntu on my Eee, and i dont regret it. I even run smooth compiz on it. All i really could ask for now is help to do a swap partition on my sd card? or do i even need to? (is it a good idea).

Nick said...

Having space for swap on a laptop that doesn't have a whole lot of disk space is one of the things I worried about before I bought it, but it hasn't been a problem so far.
Personally I would put a swap partition on the local disk rather than an SD card. I don't like the idea of having system files on removable media.
That said you should ask around on EEEuser and see what people are doing successfully. I certainly wouldn't call myself a guru.

Roman G. said...

I had XP preinstalled.
Burned install disk on flash from liveCD, and now proceeding with installing on other flash.

Already tired from installation.

More than one hour of install, and still not finished.